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Carving The Colossus

The winds of change are among us.  It is a new year and everyone is packing into planet fitness, giving up their habits, and generally bullshitting themselves because they don't know how to make things stick in life.  Carving The... Continue Reading →


Becoming The Monolith: Best of 2016

What a year this has turned out to be.  I started this blog last summer because I wanted to write about things I had an opinion about, but to overall give a voice to men whose thoughts and ideas are... Continue Reading →

Force The Reality You Desire

  To truly achieve what you want out of life you have to force it into your reality. If your focus is misguided, your results won't be what you actually want to get in life. The truth is, what you choose... Continue Reading →

Christmas Vacation

2016 has been one hell of a year for everyone, myself included.  The world is in a crazy place right now and I think we all need to just unwind for a bit. I am not religious, but Christmas is... Continue Reading →

5 Accessory Lifts That Helped Me The Most

In the world of weight training, compound movements are king.  Deadlifts, bench press, squats, power cleans, and overhead press are perfect for gaining more strength.  I also like to incorporate some accessory lifts to help those main lifts, and also... Continue Reading →

Full Spartan Mode

The days of weak willed, pussified safe men are over.  Masculinity is starting to enter its renaissance phase in our modern world and we must take it by the horns.  White men have been marginalized for so long that now... Continue Reading →

Killing Doubt and Fear with a Militant Mindset

It all comes down to you.  If you're not doing, your taking away.  Doubts and fears arise when you aren't truly confident and believe in your own abilities.  Men cannot leave their lives and decisions up to doubt and fear.... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Make Going To the Gym Easier

I try not to preach to people I know about strength training.  If they want to know something I'll tell them, but the number one thing I hear from guys is excuses.  Deciding to make yourself stronger is something I... Continue Reading →

Ignoring Limits

Limits and doubts are traits men should not succumb to. I've recently picked up Charles Sledge's book "The Primer" and there are some great things in there.  One of them is killing the doubts in yourself and ignoring societal limits.... Continue Reading →

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