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Beta Death

In eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism, there is a term called ego death.  They define it as a moment where you reach an ultimate understanding of reality and the materialistic desires of the world cease to be alluring.  While what we... Continue Reading →


Feminism: The Greatest Shit Test of All Time

While this has been written about before, I recently took a look at where we are in the west and how things got this way.  In speaking with some friends, it became clear to me that feminism in itself is... Continue Reading →

Winds of Change

All throughout the 'sphere there is a common theme as of late.  Everyone seems to realize the truth that we're in cold civil war.  The twilight is fleeting and it's becoming more apparent that things will be darker before they're... Continue Reading →

A Call To Arms

My good buddy Gentleman Jak posted an article today that I reblogged. View it here: it's a call to awareness that the left combing the militarization of their ranks. They're a bunch of hipster cunts but you have to be... Continue Reading →

The Left Exposed: Violence Against the Right — THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB

They’re out of options except for one… via The Left Exposed: Violence Against the Right — THE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB This is what you've been training for.  By Gentlemen Jak @ The Gentlemen's Club

The Red Afterglow

There is a double edged sword in the post "red pill" man.  On one side you get the hard truths of the modern world.  You arm yourself with logic and facts.  You see people for what they are, not what... Continue Reading →

The Problem I Have With Christianity

In my teens and early adulthood I was a rampant atheist.  I denounced all religion and poked fun at religious people in a very fedora tipping way.  As I grew older I became more tolerant of religious people.  A few... Continue Reading →

The Tale of Two Americas

After the crazy year that was 2016 it has never been more apparent that there are two Americas.  The divide isn't so much of land, though technically they are but in ideas and what each side is trying to achieve.  I believe... Continue Reading →

4chan, the CIA, Pissing on Beds, Russian Hackers, and one final knockout to MSM, Democrats, and Cuckservatives

Obama, the Reagan of the left delivered his farewell speech yesterday.  I didn't watch it because I don't give a shit about him or anything he has to say.  At the same time, a complete skullfuck was going on.  It... Continue Reading →

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