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The Fathers Path

Being a father is more than just working to pay the bills and fixing the leaky sink.  The man is the captain of the family and as such must steer them in the right direction.  If you want your sons... Continue Reading →


The Tale of Two Americas

After the crazy year that was 2016 it has never been more apparent that there are two Americas.  The divide isn't so much of land, though technically they are but in ideas and what each side is trying to achieve.  I believe... Continue Reading →

Becoming The Monolith: Best of 2016

What a year this has turned out to be.  I started this blog last summer because I wanted to write about things I had an opinion about, but to overall give a voice to men whose thoughts and ideas are... Continue Reading →

Christmas Vacation

2016 has been one hell of a year for everyone, myself included.  The world is in a crazy place right now and I think we all need to just unwind for a bit. I am not religious, but Christmas is... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Make Going To the Gym Easier

I try not to preach to people I know about strength training.  If they want to know something I'll tell them, but the number one thing I hear from guys is excuses.  Deciding to make yourself stronger is something I... Continue Reading →

Making Men Great Again

Trump is our president, PC culture is dying, there is a bill to have 50 state conceal carry permits, jobs are coming back to the US; what a time to be alive.  Truth be told, these things would have just... Continue Reading →

Developing Alpha Mentality

This is something you have or you don't.  Your mentality is crucial to achieving what you want from this life.  You can read hundreds of books, lift every day, and have a general idea of what it is to be... Continue Reading →

Zero Fucks Given

Recently I caught myself giving a fuck about someone's opinion about me.  We're all in this journey together, and everyone slips up from time to time.  I started thinking about why and how I let this happen, and how you... Continue Reading →

The Family is Yours

I wrote about how a a man must lead in his relationship, but he must also be the leader of his family.  Despite what mainstream media, Hollywood, and the average cuck may say, a father is paramount toward a family's prosperity. We... Continue Reading →

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