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Take Life Seriously

How many times have you heard someone tell you "Don't take life too seriously.  It doesn't matter.  Your life means nothing in the grand scheme of things"  I was listening to This Alt-Right Life's podcast with Rocky Mystery.  It was pretty informative... Continue Reading →


Becoming The Monolith: Best of 2016

What a year this has turned out to be.  I started this blog last summer because I wanted to write about things I had an opinion about, but to overall give a voice to men whose thoughts and ideas are... Continue Reading →

Killing Doubt and Fear with a Militant Mindset

It all comes down to you.  If you're not doing, your taking away.  Doubts and fears arise when you aren't truly confident and believe in your own abilities.  Men cannot leave their lives and decisions up to doubt and fear.... Continue Reading →

Zero Fucks Given

Recently I caught myself giving a fuck about someone's opinion about me.  We're all in this journey together, and everyone slips up from time to time.  I started thinking about why and how I let this happen, and how you... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Vices: Bourbon

This is a new feature on Becoming The Monolith.  All week we're dedicated toward making ourselves stronger, smarter, and more financially independent, but hard work deserves a reward.  Each week, I'll write a quick article about some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Live For?

Too many men answer this question incorrectly.  Do you slave away for an ungrateful employer?  Do you do things you truthfully dont want to do because your wife nags you?  Do you partake in activities you don't want to because... Continue Reading →

This Kills the SJW

As you all know, the leftist SJW types are mentally ill.  They concoct a fantasy world in their head and when reality shatters this, they freak out like children.  They claim that their way of thinking is the only way... Continue Reading →

Break The Shackles With Stoicism

  Roosh V on his Kingmaker Podcast recently posted a podcast that deals with the facets of Stoicism.  I have written about stoicism before, but one part of Roosh's podcast hit me the hardest.  He says "If you're not in control of your mind,... Continue Reading →

Becoming Bulletproof

Once you've taken the red pill, a change happens inside you.  The Matrix analogies are perfect because you can't go back to the beta male days you were once so blinded by.  When you face the atrocities, unfairness, and raw... Continue Reading →

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