Stop and look at where you are right now.  Not necessarily your physical location, but that may shed some light.  Now, take some time and think about where in your life you would like to improve.  Maybe you have a shit job.  Maybe you’re in a shitty relationship, or maybe your body looks like shit.  You have two options, continue on in misery or take control and fix it.  

How do we change things?  There is no magic bullet on how to achieve your goal.  In almost every situation it take dedication, hard work, and your eyes set on the finish line.  That said, I’ll present a template you can use to try to map this system out for yourself. 

Write down five things you want to change in your life.  These have to be real, attainable goals.  Trying to become a millionaire tomorrow isn’t realistic, but losing 20 lbs is.  

Once you have those goals, start thinking about how you can change and tweak things in your daily routine to achieve them.  If it’s weight loss, start taking a healthier lunch to work rather than buying shitty fast food.  If it’s to make more money, start looking at ways to make yourself more valuable.  A key component is having a plan for when things don’t go the way you expect. 

Did you stay up late last night and the gym seems like an impossibility this morning? Fuck it, you’re going anyway. Did you bitch out to your girlfriend and do something you didn’t really want to? Let her know that it was a one time thing. 

Make the backup plan a hard, brute force version of the original goal.  It pushes you to stay focused and I guarantee once you’re in the weight room or telling your girlfriend how it is you’ll easily realign your goals with your current position. I’ve recently started doing this and it’s helped tremendously.

So the next time things start going off the rails, stop, mentally punch yourself in the face, and get back in the saddle. 

-J. Nyx