In eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism, there is a term called ego death.  They define it as a moment where you reach an ultimate understanding of reality and the materialistic desires of the world cease to be alluring.  While what we preach here contradicts that in a way, the death of the beta happens in a similar fashion.

You Can’t Go Back

When you watch a movie, you can’t go back to the state where you’ve never seen it. Being red pilled is a similar phenomenon.  Once you see the world for what it is, you can’t go back to being a worthless zombie. You can ultimately drink more of the Kool aid and deny reality, or you accept it and go down our path.

The line drawn in the sand is between people who accept reality, with its ugly, bloody truths, or create a fantasy world where you aimlessly drift around.

They Become the Enemy

In my youth, I dipped that proverbial Kool aid.  I agreed with some of the leftist thinking.  Though, growing up in a shitty environment didn’t help, it also started to get me thinking about the way things tick.

Moving myself beyond the ghetto and limiting myself changed things.  I worked my way up and out and started to question the bullshit that I was being fed. Having a family only solidified my doubts of the masses.  Now, approaching 30, it’s gotten to the point where I truly view them as the enemy.

Some of the most dedicated conservative people are former left leaning people.  We know how they think and how they’ll react.  This reason is why I despise them.  I know their end game, and it’s to destroy the family, traditional values, and the country itself.

Everywhere you look you see the enemy.  On TV, on the street, in the schools, literally everywhere.  Don’t underestimate them either.  You’re literally Hitler if you offer a dissenting opinion.

Keep your eyes open, but you are kind of forced to at this point.  If you actually view the world the way it is, you can’t help but reach these conclusions. It’s this reason why I view beta death as a mirror to ego death.

Welcome to the end times, pick your side.

J. Nyx