All throughout the ‘sphere there is a common theme as of late.  Everyone seems to realize the truth that we’re in cold civil war.  The twilight is fleeting and it’s becoming more apparent that things will be darker before they’re right again.

The Catalyst

As in Weimar Germany, the degeneracy has run amok.  Sick and twisted behavior is championed while traditional values are shamed. Degeneracy, violence, and white hate being catapulted by the left are just adding more fuel to the fire.


There is only one way to eradicate this and it is struggle and war. These people have no real problems in life, so they create them. That have the luxury of dressing up as stuffed animals and fucking each other instead of having to kill someone trying to take the only good they have.  They have the luxury to protest all day because working people pay for their welfare. Those times are changing.

The Cancer Must Be Removed

They’re going to keep pushing until things snap.  It’s going to happen, and it has to. America needs a punch of reality straight to the jaw.  In order for us to get past the cancer we have today, a bloody, viscous, hardcore event must take place.

You thought electing Trump was the end to the left, but it’s only the beginning of something like we haven’t seen in a long time. The left have shown they’re ready to get violent, but where are we?

We have to show force.  Anyone not drinking their Kool aid is their enemy.  I try not to think like them, but they will show no mercy.  Why should we?

Ultimately we will be forced to when the time comes.  Civil war 2.0 will end in one of two ways.  Either the traditional Americans will win, and we can truly start fixing the country, or the left wins and America is over.

Rabble rouse men, it’s going to blow like a volcano.


-J. Nyx