My good buddy Gentleman Jak posted an article today that I reblogged. View it here: it’s a call to awareness that the left combing the militarization of their ranks. They’re a bunch of hipster cunts but you have to be careful.  This is a brother article. It’s our call to arms.

Right Wing Death Squads

If they think they can take us, they’re fools. That’s said, don’t underestimate your enemy. These antifa cunts will attack people they know they can beat.  The average reader here should be able to fend them off, but 30 faggots trying to attack you will be a challenge.  Guys, this is our call to arms.

You should be making yourself physically stronger. If you can, get firearms and know how to shoot them. Be awake at all times. These fucks have no honor or code and want us eradicated.

You need to build a tribe of physically able, mentally resilient men who you can trust. Train together, shoot together, build together. Cut out any unnecessary bullshit and keep your men working towards betterment.

Embrace The Label

They call us savage, barbarian Nazis. They say we wreak havoc and cause hostility. They say we’re to blame for every atrocity throughout history.

Let’s do it.

The left doesn’t want war with us. They call us all these names because they fear what we’re capable of. If you want a horde of physically capable, mentally superior, organized men who are dead set on taking back what was stolen from us, then so be it.

You will lose this war. You are the my enemy, and I will not rest until you’re erased from our America. This is the next civil war.  This is a culture war. This is saving our birth right.

Be warned. It’s the only one you get.

-J. Nyx