I’m over being PC.  I’m over not offending people.  For too long we’ve had to bite our tongue and walk on egg shells.  A man who owns his life says what he truly believes.

Fuck My Shit Up Fam

When speaking to your guy friends, let a free fire zone exist.  This is a open forum where I want honesty over feelings.  If I’m fucking up, I want my friends to tell me.  I want the cold, blunt facts over anything else.  Everyone should put something like this in place.  It holds you accountable for your own actions because they’re open to scrutiny.  On the other hand, you can help your friends by telling them the truth.

This isn’t some sewing circle either.  Be brash and hard about it. We respond better to that than. Constant circle jerk of affirmation.

Say What You Think

Being blunt with your guy friends is one thing, but doing it with strangers is something different.  At first, you may feel awkward putting yourself first.  This is fine and normal.  The key is to be 100% real with yourself.

I’m writing this article because a co-worker of mine tells me all the time how his girlfriend never lets him get a word in when they’re speaking.  She’s a real cunt, but that’s beside the point. I asked him if he ever just put her in her place, to which he hamstered a response that made excuses for her bitchy behavior.

If you are a yes man that puts the needs of others before yourself, you’re fucked. This is 101 level shit that I’m not going to cover.

Owing Your Words

Guys, you have to speak the way you think. If you want to fuck your girlfriend’s brains out, tell her.  If you think someone’s point is retarded, call them out. If you’re being treated unfairly, speak up.

It’s only in this modern, feminized world that everyone tries to make everyone else happy over themselves.  It’s a feminine way to think in all honesty. A man takes what he wants.  A woman tries to please.

Women especially respond well to a man who says what he wants. How many times have you been a emotionless dick to a woman that didn’t end with your dick wet?  They love it. You have to know how to lay it on. Tell her what you mean.  Do you really think she looks nice, or does that dress make you want to tit fuck her? All in the correct context, but you know what I mean

The next time you feel that sting to say what you want, go for it.  Obviously, calling your boss a fat faced bitch won’t get you far, but outside of a very limited set of circumstances, you should be voicing your thoughts.

Get out there and tell them all to get fucked.

-J. Nyx