Everyone claims to be after motivation to do things.  The need to be motivated to go to the gym. They need motivation to achieve a personal goal.  They need to be “in the mood” to do something.  The problem is, that moment never comes.


Waiting until you feel like doing something is like trying to catch a fish without casting your line out.  You tell yourself you’ll be ready and hyped to do something, but when crunch time hits you do nothing.  You didn’t get struck with some magical desire to get shit done, so you procrastinate. You waste time then realize you now can’t get what you wanted done, so you cope with failure with more shitty behavior.

The problem with motivation is that it takes no effort. You invest nothing when seeking motivation, only wishing to take from others.  Discipline on the other hand, is a cold, hard, motherfucker.

Do Something For Fucks Sake

Discipline is doing things whether you feel like it or not.  It’s getting off your ass and into focus.  You invest something when you push yourself, so you end up learning from it.

For example.  Last week I went out for drinks with friends on a weeknight. I wasn’t too drunk but was up later than I usually am.  5am hit and even though I felt like shit, I got up and hit the weights. My lifts were hard, and I failed sets that I have done better on before.

I could have just said fuck it and skip lifting, but I can’t do that to myself. I am committed to a goal. Furthermore, if I am serious about lifting and fitness, I have to make sacrifices.

Discipline is denying what is easy and fun in order to become a better man. It’s embracing the struggle and proving to yourself that you have the balls and confidence to get shit done. Many times I had no idea what I was doing and forced myself to learn a new skill.  I stumbled at first, but beasting through it taught me how to do things the right way.

There is no magic bullet to success.  No “life hack” to get you there.  It’s grinding  at 100% day in and day out to get you there.  Get off your ass and start killing it


-J. Nyx