There is a double edged sword in the post “red pill” man.  On one side you get the hard truths of the modern world.  You arm yourself with logic and facts.  You see people for what they are, not what they want you to believe.

This is a profound tool in our toxic, anti-white male society we call the west, but with most things in life, it comes with a burden on the other side.

Alone In The Jungle

Recently I had to travel to NYC for business.  As I walked the streets of Manhattan, I couldn’t help but notice the pit of degeneracy I was in.  Filth and trash everywhere. A bunch of special snowflakes in their concrete habitat. I felt out of place and out numbered.  I can’t even carry my legally obtained firearm to protect myself there.

The burden of a traditional man in the west is that it is a world he created, yet the people who have control of it have undermined all of his values and ethos in favor of Marxism and degeneracy.

I find this everywhere I look.  I have reached the point where I see the blatant faggotry in every form if entertainment. I see and feel the anti-white male agenda on the streets.  Everywhere you go it’s “fuck you, feel guilty white man”

What Has Been Seen, Can’t Be Unseen

Unlike Cypher in the Matrix, I don’t wish to go back into blissful ignorance. I don’t long for the days before this train of thought.  “Red pill/manosphere” thought helped me realize something I had thought about my whole life. I’d rather see the truth, good and bad, than still be plugged in to the bullshit.

Right Wing Life Squad

The only escape from having to mingle with the parasites is to build a group of guys that share similar values. Online here, and in the real world, my group of guys is trusted pack of traditional, masculine, conservative guys.  We interact the way men should. It’s not all fun and games though.  All of us have guns, lift, and soon will begin doing martial arts together. If the world wants to marganalize us and paint us as the bad guy, then you’ll get what you deserve.

Being in nature, with my family, and my group of guys is how I deal with the various forms of degeneracy I must interact with on a daily basis. You need to balance it out or you’ll loose your fucking mind.

-J. Nyx