I’m back this week and ready to go. I recently took a new job that is very demanding of my time.  I didn’t take time to lift, write or really do much else than work. I felt like shit most of the week. I wasnt living up to my goals I set. I was bullshiting myself.

Be Real

I looked back on the past week and realized I had plenty of time to lift, write, play with my kids and read. I was wasting time watching TV, dwelling on shit that didn’t matter, and had a negative view about everything.  I was done with feeling and acting this way.

Too often people defeat themselves without even trying at all.  Adopting a defeatist attitude will get you nowhere.  Weakness and accepting failure will lead to a life of constant anxiety and misery.

Beast Mode

You have to stick to goals you’ve set and face any challenge knowing you can trust yourself to see it through.  You may not be the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but you’ll never reach those levels if you don’t try.

Never accept the mediocre. Never submit to the mundane. Never tolerate weakness.  You can’t lie to yourself, so get up off your ass and do something.

-J. Nyx