Being a father is more than just working to pay the bills and fixing the leaky sink.  The man is the captain of the family and as such must steer them in the right direction.  If you want your sons to grow up to be masculine men and daughters to be traditional women, you have to make it so.

It Starts With You

You have to understand that a man living by himself can be masculine, but the way to do it in a family is different, yet the same sport.  You have to own yourself.  You have to be confident, strong, and accept the role as the protector and provider.   A wife that is worth having who will provide you with children is going to need a real man to run the ship.

Nuclear Family

The nuclear family is the key to successful offspring.  You need both a traditional woman and masculine man to give your children a shot at becoming great.  Your wife must understand her role as well as yours in your family.  She must submit things to you, and your children must see and know this.  In dealing with our children, my wife can handle it, but when a fathers role is needed, she doesn’t try to intervene.  Never once does she try to correct me or undermine my decisions and punishments.

Not only that, but they see her submit to my desires.  Obviously I don’t take it too far, but my sons have seen me just grab her ass as I walk by or bring her in to me to talk.  This is important because there is never a time where she pushes me away.  My sons will not hide their masculinity, but they can do so in a collected matter.

Also, as I’ve written about before, only a man can teach a son how to become a man.  Before our modern society, boys and fathers worked out in the fields all day.  They would talk about everything that men should talk about and learn from their fathers.  Today, we don’t have times like that anymore, so we have to make them.  Take your boys fishing or hunting.  Take them hiking or to a guys only event.  They will be more than willing to go and this is a great opportunity to teach them how to be a man.  My sons love doing things with me, and I don’t coddle them.  If its an emergency then I will step in, but I want them to struggle. I want them to become resilient strong men.  Coddling and putting up with weakness will never do them good.  They’ll thank you until the day they die for teaching them how to live.

That said, I cannot teach a girl how to be a woman.  In antiquity, girls stayed with their mothers learning home and motherly skills.  The importance you have to have in your daughters life is that she must never question you.  Your word is the law of the family and if she acts out, you must not give in.  Forbidding a girl to do something should be done with the understanding that she will be excommunicated from the stability of your family unit.  You have to be careful how you do this.  If your daughter respects you as the man in her life she’ll listen, but if you’re off on your game, she’ll do it behind your back.  Just like a cheating wife, a daughter who disobeys her father must be dropped.  She’ll see just how well she had it with mom and dad and come to her senses, or fail miserably.