In my teens and early adulthood I was a rampant atheist.  I denounced all religion and poked fun at religious people in a very fedora tipping way.  As I grew older I became more tolerant of religious people.  A few of my friends and family members are practicing Christians.   I took the route of thinking if someone was religious or atheist and didn’t try to ram their beliefs down my throat, and could interact with people who didn’t think exactly like them it was cool.

I’m usually pretty sure of things I believe in and have a very analytical point of view of the world. I’m kind of grey now on Christianity as a unifier and teacher. There are concepts in the Bible that I agree with, and others I think are too far fetched to believe.  I believe it can be used to teach people how to stay in line who, without it, would fail.  I believe Christianity can be used to unify whites in Europe and America.

When you say someone is a Jew, you think about someone who practices the Jewish faith, but also of someone that looks a certain way. I think that it could be the vehicle that unifies people, even if the people don’t believe in it 100%.  The Muslims are good at this.  A good number of them know most of it is bullshit, but they rally behind it for various reasons.

My Problems

You can see all over the internet depictions of crusaders screaming Deus Vult! You read about Alexander the Great, the Crusades, various Religious wars throughout Europe.  This seems like something bad ass.  You pick up a Bible and start reading it…..and its all about giving in.

Turn the other cheek is the most pussified way to be.  Its like cuckoldry for life.  Its about submitting yourself 100% to something intangible.  In the US, churches preach leftist, feminist, and man hating rhetoric. God seems to have all the bad assery in the Bible, but what about us?  How do we go from Jihad in the Crusades to telling men that their wife is their better half in THE CURRENT YEAR.   It all seems like something that appeals to women , and as my readers know, that shit ain’t gonna work around here.

Maybe I have it all wrong, but I don’t see what there is to rally behind other than Christianity is/was Europe’s religion. Jews and Muslims have a religion and a cultural connection to that said religion.  Granted, their cultures are in literal third world shit-hole, but its there.  Also, wasn’t Jesus king of the Jews? How is the king of the Jews a European symbol?

I don’t want to write it off due to sheer ignorance, so if any of you have any info I could use to see the masculine side of Christianity, please comment below.