Getting into week 3 of CTC starts today.  I had a week that was pretty spot on nutritionally and physically.  I did cheat on Saturday as my we went out to eat to celebrate something for my daughter.  Even with that the official weigh in is:

185.6 as of this morning

That is down 0.6 lbs from last week.  Not my ideal amount of weight loss, but the number is going down.  My goals for this week is to get down to 184.0 by next Monday.  I’m keeping the same P-M-B lifting routine.  Nutrition will be 140g of protein per day, 30g of fats, 20g of carbs.  Overall calories will be at 1625 cals a day.

Progress Pic


Still having far to go, this pic looks way different from the first one. I have only lost about 3 lbs, but the change looks different.  I should stress that I was pretty dehydrated when I took this pic so that may be part of it. I also plan on working in a few ab workouts this week.

Were all gonna make it brah.


-J. Nyx