After the crazy year that was 2016 it has never been more apparent that there are two Americas.  The divide isn’t so much of land, though technically they are but in ideas and what each side is trying to achieve.  I believe this divide will be changing over the next few years, but it is important to know your enemy and how to fight this.


Trump winning caused gloablists/leftists to go into panic mode.  For over 30 years we’ve been under the control of blood sucking, NWO parasites who sold out the American people for power and capital gain.  Trump winning throws a wrench in their plans because he’s already exposing the corruption at every level of government and the media.

Anyone who know anything will understand that Trumps business know how is key to the US re-emerging as a country again.  We already see the markets and corporations reacting to his win.  Automakers are investing in plants in the US to bring back jobs.  You have to produce things to have a strong economy.  You also have to cut the “we need mo of dem programs” that suck the taxpayer dry.  I believe this will further divide the two Americas.

Us vs (((Them)))

On one side you have the truly conservative American.  Usually a hard working, family oriented traditional type of person.  More often than not, a white family.   These people are business owners, tradesmen, civil servants, military, and even some office workers.    These are the people that want to earn enough money to provide to their family and raise children that aren’t being turned into transsexuals from birth. What a concept.

On the other side you have the divide.  At the top you have the (((bankers))) in places like New York and the leftist scum on the west coast like Hollywood.  Then you have the dindus, illegals, and self hating SWJ whites.  The latter are the pawns of the rich liberals.  The perfect world for them is a type of corrupt capital-feudalism.  Where (((they))) own every facet of life for an uneducated, distracted populous who never moves beyond being a gardener or retail worker. These people want to tax the hard working conservatives to hell so they can enjoy shit like obamacare, free birthcontrol, and welfare.

The term “fly over nation” is kind of true in the sense that these people get on a plane in NY and fly over the real America, land in CA and fit right in to the degeneracy pit there.  If they could Caliexit, I’d be all for it.  Without the money from the federal government, the water from other states, and the rich cunts of Hollywood would scurry away like the cockroaches they are, California would turn into the third world country they all seem to love so much.  They’ll never do it, but a guy can dream.

The War

I think that the winds of change are upon us, as it seems whites are staring to realize that the left wants to eradicate them from the population.  We dodged tactical nuke that is Clinton because she would have opened the flood gates to let every illegal and rapefugee in to forever deny a republican victory again.

The leftist cunts are going into panic mode because no only are more conservative whites sick of the PC (aka anti-white male) culture, but their propaganda machine (MSM) is still trying the same shaming tactics that no longer work.

They keep saying they’re going to start a civil war.  I laugh every time I hear this.  The Bechtloff said it the best when he said:

These people want to start civil war with the people who have all the guns?  They’re full of a bunch of faggots who get PTSD from holding a gun, and a bunch of dindus that hold them sideways.  What are you going to do, hit me with your dildo or bong?

He’s right.  These people have no real chance at defeating us.  I hope that under Trump and a conservative congress, we can work towards their demise.  Us everyday citizens need to make sure we know who we put in office.  We have to get as many firearms as possible, and train on how to shoot them. You should learn how to defend yourself when unarmed as well.  We need to have large, traditional families.  They hate all these things and want us gone because they know that we will emerge victorious.  These things that are inherently good drive them crazy because it kills their SJW bizzaro way of thinking that promotes faggotry, degeneracy, and soon to be pedos.

The only way they can emerge as the winner is if WE LET THEM.  Do your fucking duty and get your shit together guys. The fight needs to be stronger than ever.

-J. Nyx