Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson above are reacting to Meryl Streep’s SJW white hating rant at the Golden Globes.  I call that the death stare.  Its a natural guys reaction when listening to bullshit.  You convey all the hatred and judgement to what someone is saying or doing without lashing out.


I’ve written about how body language is key to a solid frame.  You can tell a guy who is sure of himself when he says something by his face and body.  On the flip side, keeping that frame when someone is directly or indirectly attacking you is paramount.  When you look the bullshitter in the eye with that death stare, you feel the primal rage inside of you.  You know they feel it too.

One tip I can give if you’re being a bitch about looking someone in the eye is to stare at their forehead.  It gives the illusion you’re looking them in the eye until you master it.

When to Deploy

The answer is always.  You should always keep that confidence level up and looking people in the eye, standing up straight, and taking up space should become second nature to you.  You should be doing this the most with women though.   Women will say anything to try to shit test you, and you have to keep that rock solid frame. You can see them loving every second of you staring them down like a lion staring down a gazelle when they try to feed you bullshit.

Slouching, weak stare, awkward head placement. Yeah, that’ll give her the tingles for sure. 

This guy above comes across as weak, and a straight up pussy.

Killin it

Even as an actor, Clint masters the death stare.  He does it off screen too.   Its just fun seeing people explaining their retarded points when you just sit there killing them without saying a word.

-J. Nyx