Trump gets sworn in next week, if he isn’t the best politician ever, the benefits of him becoming the POTUS far outweigh any negativity.  One thing he said over the campaign was that “it was about you.”  I think its incredibly foolish and a bit beta male to worship Trump the way that some do, but one thing I’m truly grateful for is the fact that he gave white men a voice and like any good leader, got the average straight white male to start thinking differently.

Real Effects

During the campaign and now, I’ve noticed that most white guys I come in contact with share that camaraderie that I’ve seen other races take part in.  For the most part, I’ve seen it tends to be guys under 40 who are usually blue collar workers.  Being a former blue collar worker, I tend to relate to these guys more than your average office worker or barista faggot at Starbucks.

During the campaign 9/10 white men I spoke to brought up Trump on their own.  Granted, I tend not to interact with hipsters/leftists, but things are just different now.  The way that black men will instantly befriend/come to the aid of another black man, I’m starting to see this among white guys.  Its small but enough to notice. I’ve noticed some of my more reserved friends speaking their mind more and giving less of a shit about PC pandering.  Even now, you tend to view one of your own as someone who you can trust a little more than some other race.  The white guilt is fleeting and being able to take a stand against the people who hate us for existing is growing stronger.

Moving Forward

Things are far from over, in fact they’re just beginning.  All people are tired of this PC/SJW bullshit we’ve been living through for far too long.  If we’re going to have a voice in the future we need to build that culture on tradition.

Get your shit together, find a decent woman (they exist) and have a big ass family.  Raise masculine sons who won’t ever let this shit happen again.  Raise daughters that respect a mans role in life as well as her own role in his. This is the number one threat to the leftist globalist agenda.  You are enemy number one to them, and for the first time in decades, we’re awakening and taking it back.  You wanted this, you created this, now you have to deal with this.  If you want to say we’re to blame for every atrocity in the world when we fucking made everything in the world, you won’t like what is to come.

-J. Nyx.