Today marks the first week down for my Carving the Colossus series.  I gave an intro to it last week when I stated my goals.  I want to get down between 175-180 lbs at around 15% body fat.  The weigh in today wasn’t surprising.

Todays weigh in: 186.2 lbs.  I’m down 1.8 lbs from last week.  Felt good that things are going in the right direction.  I want to continue the cut into the summer so we can get that suns out guns out beach body.  I only got the chance to lift 3 days last week due to me getting a new job and all the running around (excuses I know).

This week I’m on point though.  I will workout all 4 days and post numbers next week.  I will cut out more bullshit food.  My wife spent 2 hours prepping our food for the week so we’ll be eating quality foods.  I’ve also added drinking at minimum 50 ounces of water daily.  Seems to help with hunger as well.

No pic today because I look exactly the same as last week.  I’ll post pics every 2 weeks to show the transformation.

Power-Muscle-Burn is a great lifting program, but it kind of sucks too. A ton of volume and the calorie deficit is hindering progress.  I’ll just try to sleep more this week.

This weeks goal:  get down to at least 184 by next Monday.  Im being aggressive with the weight loss because I got way too fat bulking the last 2 months.

“Were all gonna make it brah”

-J. Nyx