This week has been a bit crazy in my workplace.  I  was offered a new high paying job at a great company.  A co-worker was laid off at my current job.  I’m not going to get into specifics, but it got me thinking about the value you give to yourself and how others seem to never understand that concept.

Might Makes Right

If you’re a lazy piece of shit you wont have anything.  You have to work hard to play hard.  The person fired from my current company was disposable.  They didn’t have many skills to bring the company in the first place, and their work habits were shit tier at best.   This person is exactly the same age as myself, yet would go on and on about their problems.

They’re always broke despite making enough for one person to live off of.  They run from a challenge and complain when they have to work.  By all means, this person is a fucking dipshit, and getting fired was something they never thought would happen to them.  Losing your job is a shitty experience, but if you get yourself where you need to be and work hard, a sudden termination becomes a less likely scenario.

I’m not saying we all have to be millionaires, but for fucks sake take some time to make yourself valuable.  The disconnect millennials have with the real world is frightening. They all have this entitlement that they should be given money, a job, and success without any effort.  A bunch of children in adult bodies.



There are two people in this world, those content with minimal means, and those who want it all.  I’m not knocking minimalist thinking at all either.  I actually think its kind of cool to get by with little resources because it shows resilience.  I am also opposed to the blind consumerism that the people in the west have.  You have “minimalists” who work a shitty job, have a shitty place to live yet buy every new iPhone, weed, and $16 six packs of craft beer.

I want it all in life, and you guys should too.  I want to own land.  I want to have a house that is a fortress.  I want to have the money that I deserve.  If you want it too, you gotta make it happen.  No one is going to help you because no one gives a fuck about you.  If you don’t give a shit about yourself, you have to fix that first. I don’t care what you do, as long as it something.  A man that needs others to take care of him isn’t a man at all in my eyes.

Onward and upward gentlemen.


-J. Nyx