How many times have you heard someone tell you “Don’t take life too seriously.  It doesn’t matter.  Your life means nothing in the grand scheme of things”  I was listening to This Alt-Right Life’s podcast with Rocky Mystery.  It was pretty informative about the UK, and Brexit, but Rocky made a point when asked if Millennials had the balls to fight back against the left and globalists.  He said “White millennials tend to take a very Asian view of the world.  They just seem to not take life seriously”  I agree with him, and I think its toxic thinking like I stated above that got them there.


Going back a few years with this one, but it seems to still be true.  Young whites seem to just be saying “fuck it” to the things they have to do in life.  They fuck their bodies up with drugs and alcohol through their 20s.  They piss away their time on video games and perusing a career that wont get you a job picking up dog shit.  They work dead end jobs just to have enough money to buy weed and the newest phone.  No wonder the left appeals to them.  Leftism tells you no matter how much of a piece of shit you are, you’re amazing, and they scoff and poke fun at the ones doing hard work.

Things like “Don’t take life too seriously” and “your life really doesn’t matter” has brainwashed people into never having the balls to do anything.  Its such a cop out beta outlook on things. You say to the world “I am your cuck, now please rape me”  They don’t want to stand out.  They don’t want to be the best.  They want everyone to suck donkey dick at every thing in life so that everyone can get a medal of mediocrity.  I’ll admit that growing up I kind of fell into this thinking, but ultimately always looked out for myself and my interests.

You Truly Do Only Live Once

Then why not try take it to the next level?  Why settle for just getting by when you can have it all?  I personally tell my children to always strive to be the best, and if it hurts other people’s feelings, they have to get better.  I tell myself this too.  Most people don’t want to accept that they are in control of their own lives.  They want to be the slave and told what to do.

The successful people, who in turn are usually in charge of others, are the masters.  They are the masters of themselves.  The top athletes don’t complain about training hard.  The successful businessman doesn’t bitch about having to hustle.  The alpha chad doesn’t condemn women if he gets shut down once.  If you sit on your ass waiting for opportunity, success, and money you’ll always be poor, a loser, and limited.

Start Today

One of my favorite sayings is “the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is right now.”   No one ever said “Wow I’m so glad I waited til now to make myself better” and that will always be true.

Throw out the junk food in your fridge and go buy natural, wholesome food.

Read a book or study materials to level up in your career.

Sign up for school or to be an apprentice in a trade.

Stop being a bitch an talk to that girl you’re eyeing up.

Start taking your life seriously, and it will get seriously good for you.  That, or fuck off and be a dipshit its up to you.

-J. Nyx