The winds of change are among us.  It is a new year and everyone is packing into planet fitness, giving up their habits, and generally bullshitting themselves because they don’t know how to make things stick in life.  Carving The Colossus is what I’m calling my fitness journey starting today.  I’ve lifted for a little over a year now, and I’m starting to actually feel stronger every day.  The thing is, I have always had gut fat even when my arms were toothpicks.  Today, I start a fitness journey, and I’m going to hold myself accountable to you, my readers.  Lets get started:


The physical goal I want to achieve is to lower my body fat percentage.  Currently I sit at 23% bodyfat at 187 lbs.  My goal is to weigh between 175-180lbs at around 15% bodyfat.  I plan on doing this by doing a body recomp.  I’m not trying to lose any muscle mass, but I am trying to drop fat.


My macros look like this for roughly 1.5lbs lost per week.

Protein: 150g

Carbs: 199g

Fat: 53g

Total Cals: 1590/day

I am cutting out junk food and limiting alcohol to Friday nights. I will have 1 beer and 2 glasses of whiskey on Fridays only.  I’ve quit smoking a month ago too.  Food will be all home prepared meals.  Today I’ll show you my meal plan.

Breakfast: Pure Protein Whey Shake (2 scoops)

Lunch: Greek Yogurt/Sriracha Chicken Salad.  8oz boneless chicken thighs, baby spinach, greek yogurt/sriracha mix for dressing.

Dinner: Slow cooker spare ribs.

Snack: Pure Protein Whey Shake (2 scoops)

This hits all my macros and calorie needs.  Not every day will be like this, but you get the idea.


I found a great routine called Power, Muscle, Burn.  Its a split program that combines compound, hypertrophy, and endurance lifts.  I don’t plan on making too many gains as I’m eating at a deficit to loose fat, but I have to keep lifting.  I’ll do light cardio on the off days.

Progress Pics

I hold myself accountable to you readers, so this is the starting line.

Week 1

As you can all see, I have a lot of work to do, but you gotta start somewhere.  Each Monday I’ll post new updates as well as a general overview of my training, eating, and findings.  Lets Carve the Colossus.


-J. Nyx