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January 2017

Cut The Bullshit

I'm back this week and ready to go. I recently took a new job that is very demanding of my time.  I didn't take time to lift, write or really do much else than work. I felt like shit most... Continue Reading →


The Fathers Path

Being a father is more than just working to pay the bills and fixing the leaky sink.  The man is the captain of the family and as such must steer them in the right direction.  If you want your sons... Continue Reading →

The Problem I Have With Christianity

In my teens and early adulthood I was a rampant atheist.  I denounced all religion and poked fun at religious people in a very fedora tipping way.  As I grew older I became more tolerant of religious people.  A few... Continue Reading →

Carving The Colossus: Week 3

Getting into week 3 of CTC starts today.  I had a week that was pretty spot on nutritionally and physically.  I did cheat on Saturday as my we went out to eat to celebrate something for my daughter.  Even with... Continue Reading →

The Tale of Two Americas

After the crazy year that was 2016 it has never been more apparent that there are two Americas.  The divide isn't so much of land, though technically they are but in ideas and what each side is trying to achieve.  I believe... Continue Reading →

Master the Death Stare

Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson above are reacting to Meryl Streep's SJW white hating rant at the Golden Globes.  I call that the death stare.  Its a natural guys reaction when listening to bullshit.  You convey all the hatred and... Continue Reading →

4chan, the CIA, Pissing on Beds, Russian Hackers, and one final knockout to MSM, Democrats, and Cuckservatives

Obama, the Reagan of the left delivered his farewell speech yesterday.  I didn't watch it because I don't give a shit about him or anything he has to say.  At the same time, a complete skullfuck was going on.  It... Continue Reading →

The Beast Awakens

Trump gets sworn in next week, if he isn't the best politician ever, the benefits of him becoming the POTUS far outweigh any negativity.  One thing he said over the campaign was that "it was about you."  I think its... Continue Reading →

Carving The Colossus: Week 2

Today marks the first week down for my Carving the Colossus series.  I gave an intro to it last week when I stated my goals.  I want to get down between 175-180 lbs at around 15% body fat.  The weigh in today... Continue Reading →

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