What a year this has turned out to be.  I started this blog last summer because I wanted to write about things I had an opinion about, but to overall give a voice to men whose thoughts and ideas are censored and deemed “hateful” despite everyone else getting to say the same things.  The general theme of this blog is to make guys better in all aspects of their lives, speak out against the bullshit marxist/feminist/anti-white male agenda , and provide a voice for people who want to get the world back on track and truly live as a masculine man. Below are some of the most popular posts of the year, as well as some of my favorites broken down into categories.


  1. Strength: Step One to Maning Up
  2. The Iron Is My Church
  3. Lifting While They Sleep


  1. When You Lose Fear
  2. Conquer Yourself
  3. Zero Fucks Given


  1. Break The Shackles With Stoicism
  2. Developing Alpha Mentality
  3. Becoming Bulletproof


  1. A Man Must Lead
  2. White Men Need To Man Up
  3. You Don’t Get To Complain!


  1. Only Men Can Craft Strong Families
  2. Growing Boys into Men
  3. The Family is Yours


  1. My Take on Why Western Women Welcome “Rapefugees”
  2. Reverse Colonization
  3. Hillary’s Horrible Weekend: How Hillary Clinton Has Completely Lost Her Mind


  1. Get Out of Your Element
  2. Friday Night Vices: Elijah Craig 12 Bourbon
  3. Friday Night Vices: Cigars

My Top 5

  1. Feeding The Wolves of Decision
  2. Full Spartan Mode
  3. Chase Respect, Not Love
  4. Fuck Feelings
  5. Be The Archetype

That wraps up the 2016 roundup.  I want to personally thank anyone who reads this blog, as well as my fellow bloggers who support/comment here.  Looking forward 2017 will be even better and I’ll have a ton of new content.  I just rolled out a crisp new logo for the site and I’m finally getting what I need for the podcast.  Expect that in early 2017.  I wish all of you a safe, happy new year, and I’ll return next week with new series, and we’re going to focus on making ourselves the best men we can be.  The times are changing, and we need all boots on the ground.  I’ll leave you with this.

Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.

-Marcus Tullius Cicero

J. Nyx