2016 has been one hell of a year for everyone, myself included.  The world is in a crazy place right now and I think we all need to just unwind for a bit. I am not religious, but Christmas is an important holiday for me.

As a father, I enjoy it with my kids, and as the most able bodied male of my family, I host a gigantic feast.  I urge all men to take time away from the bullshit and enjoy this time of year with your families. Have fun, enjoy the holiday and do shit for yourself too. Get your shit together for 2017 because it is the year where us red pilled men take over. I wont be posting for the next few days and I may get a post in next week to review the year.

2017 will have even more content as I will finally get the podcast going, I plan on having Jak from The Gentlemen’s Club as my first guest. We were in talks to do a collaboration project that Jak dubbed “The Monolithic Gentleman” I will also be starting my cut and focusing on a split lifting program soon that I’ll report on. I also plan on getting the ebook finally finished as well.

Starting this blog has been a good thing for me.  I get to share some of my views and experiences with you all, have a nice outlet open to commentary, and I’ve connected the readers and other bloggers here whom I consider “friends.” (thanks for that EK, never realized how much I enjoy being here)  In the tradition of the season, I’ll link to said bloggers sites so you can check them out.  If you like the content here at Becoming The Monolith, then you’ll enjoy their stuff too.

The Gentlemen’s Club run by Gentleman Jak.  Very similar to my blog, probably the closest to it on the internet.  Just check it out.

Erudite Knight run by Erudite Knight.  Great insights and commentary on our world by a guy who gets our needs and causes.  Great writer.

Fortress of The Mind run by Quintus Curtius.  He looks to history to teach us lessons on greatness, masculinity, and honor.  The podcasts/books are great too.

American Dad run by Scott.  This guy celebrates fathers of all kinds.  Something the world needs to do, and needs more of.

Charles Sledge run by Charles Sledge.  A top notch manosphere site.  Great articles.

The Winning Lane run by Lane.  I always find good stuff to read about here. Self improvement and fitness.

How To Beast run by David.  Fitness and confidence.  What else do you need?

And all the guys on Return of Kings and manosphere.com for other great content.

Oh, an since we don’t care about political correctness because fuck your feelings,

Merry Christmas!

J. Nyx