The days of weak willed, pussified safe men are over.  Masculinity is starting to enter its renaissance phase in our modern world and we must take it by the horns.  White men have been marginalized for so long that now we have the chance to really make sure the situation we’ve been subjected to for over 60+ is destroyed, buried,and forgotten by history, but we are only as strong as our weakest link.

The Mind

You have to understand that we built the world, then we gave it away.  We gave 5000 years of history away to vaginas and cultures that don’t respect it, and have demonized it as wrong, archaic, and the enemy.  I urge you to understand that this is no easy task we have in front of us.  You have to be mentally prepared with a strong frame and realize that while the tide is changing, we are in for one hell of a battle.

As men, we will be given the difficult tasks.  Its up to us to save what we have left of our cultures and traditions.  We will be on the front lines as the nanny state crumbles.  Once the femi-marxist societies are burning, the women and children will look to the men to make it great again.  You must embrace this as your duty, something higher than yourself.

The mindset you have must change.  Reject all worldly pleasures that have made men into soft blobs of estrogen. Too often, men take the path of least resistance when greatness is forged in struggle. Let the world know your stance on things and never justify it to anyone.  When given a choice, take the more challenging of the two because you know you’ll end up victorious.  Even a defeat is a win if you learn why you’ve been bested.   Make your needs known, live for yourself first before anyone else.  You really have to adopt a zero fucks given attitude because your pure existence is triggering to our enemies.  Dominate social interaction with a strong confident attitude.

The Body

Weak fat lazy men need not apply.  Men must be an example in what they say and their actions, and that leads into physical capability and appearance.   In all honesty, who deserves more respect, a man who is strong, determined, and conservative or some basement dwelling fat loser?  The choice is obvious.

Physical strength and fitness is what sets men apart from women.  I simply can’t respect a man that is not strong and active.  I don’t care if you’re doing MMA, weight training, rock climbing etc. Don’t shit on thousands of years of men being the best the could because you want to live in your safe little bubble.  You have to be at the peak of physical ability.  A strong, fit man is a beacon of success and greatness.

Nutrition is the other side of physical ability. If you put ocean water in your car’s gas tank it will not function.  In giving up the childish bullshit, a man shouldn’t be chowing down on pop tarts and cheese curls.  When it comes to nutrition, the basics are what you should strive for.  Meats and vegetables should be the cornerstone.  Some grain is okay but don’t over do it.  Don’t be tempted by the poisons that people shovel down their gizzard every day.  You must fuel the machine that is your body with quality ingredients.

The Tribe

You are the figurehead of your family.  You are the one that all will look to when shit hits the fan.  Your woman will look to you when a problem arises.  Your duty is to protect what is yours and accept the leadership role.  Be the rock that is unmoved by external forces, embrace stoicism, and accept that you’re the one who make shit happen.

Also, I must stress to build a gang of men in real life that share the same principles. These should be men that embrace the spartan mindset we’ve set forth here. This can be difficult in these times, but at a minimum you should be meeting up with your guy friends at least once a month.  Go to the shooting range, play football together, visit a landmark, just make sure you have time with just other men, as only other men can understand what its like to be you in this world. Keep the women and children away from this at all costs.

If you’re a father, you have a duty to your children too.  You must raise your sons as strong masculine men.  Teach them that their masculinity is not something wrong, but something that must be crafted into something great.   If you have daughters,  be the type of man you’d like her to judge her future husband against. Its up to you if they fail or succeed.


Once you embrace full spartan mode, there is no going back.  The “iron pill” is one you can’t come back from.  To recap:

Get your head right. We’ve been demonized and pained as barbarians.  I say its time to start living like one.  Live for your own needs, fuck anyone who gets in your way.  The path we’ve chosen isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be.  Dominate at all costs.   As cliche as it is, the nice guy finishes last.

Get fit.  A key component of men is to be fit and strong.  In a world where white males are painted as inferior, be the wrench dropped into their engine.  A strong fit man exemplifies dedication, hard work, disciple and respect.

Run the show.  Holding these beliefs leaves a lot to live up to.  People will test your resilience, might, and frame constantly.  A true alpha is unphased by this and continues to lead.   Be the leader of your family and make sure to get some time in with other like minded men.

All of this can be summed up with a TL;DR quote by Thucydides.

“We Greeks are lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of manliness.”