Now I have officially quit smoking every day, but I wanted to feature Djarum Kretek cigars here for FNV.  I don’t smoke these very often, but do like them a few times a year.  Granted, they’re technically a cigarette, but they’re now marketed in the US as a cigar.  These are somewhere between a cigarette and a cigar, but lets dive in.

WTF is a Kretek

A kretek cigarette is a type of cigarette that is most widely smoked in Indonesia.  It is a blend of tobacco and clove that offers a very unique smoking experience.  This tastes nothing like a conventional cigarette such as Marlboro or Newport.  These things burn SLOW, and you can expect one to last you about 10-15 minutes.  They are pretty spicy and aromatic and the flavor is very unique.

Djarum is the most popular brand of kretek cigs in the US and they are most well known for their Djarum Black brand. These taste similar, but the added cherry flavor mixes well with the spicy nature of the clove and the earthy tobacco taste.   The clove leaves a sweet flavor on the tongue and lips.

I warn you though, these can get a little harsh, especially if you already smoke normal cigarettes.  Slow draws on it are the way to enjoy it the most.

You’re going to want to pair this with a light beverage to be honest.  A mixed drink like a rum and coke or my personal favorite, Jim Beam Red Stag Cherry bourbon mixed with coke,  and a Djarum Cherry mix perfectly together.

BTM Rating: 8/10

I only give it a 8 because while the novelty is cool, you have to by 12-24 of these at a time and they can get a bit pricey in some areas.  If you have a humidor, you can store them in there, but if they will get stale.  Still, I recommend everyone to try it at least once.