It all comes down to you.  If you’re not doing, your taking away.  Doubts and fears arise when you aren’t truly confident and believe in your own abilities.  Men cannot leave their lives and decisions up to doubt and fear.  As cliche as it may be, the only way to conquer fears and doubt is to face them, run into it, and destroy it.

Conquer Yourself

You absolutely must have a belief in your own abilities, and a belief like that comes from your mindset.  If you are a second guessing beta faggot then when the time comes to act you’ll piss your pants.  Men that fail to act are worthless.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you will always fail.  The truth is, no one else is going to believe in your abilities, and no one else is going to validate you.


Validation comes from within and either you have it or you look to the outside world for it.  Those that base their validation on their girlfriend, their job, or their possessions are always looking for the next best thing.  The best way to validate yourself is to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your drive.  If you do’t have any of these, you have other demons in your life that are holding you back, or your not doing anything to improve your life. Your core beliefs, your drive to greatness, and a rock solid frame set the baseline for who you are.   Look to those to figure out what it is you’re lacking, fix it, and keep moving forward.

Militant Mindset

Having a militant mindset means to always look to logic, strategy, yourself, and your values. No person can shake you and fears are not something to deter you, but something to motivate you.  Never doubt yourself and go with your gut instinct.  As the graphic above says, fear is learned.  Some fears are natural, like knowing to be careful around electricity, or not to walk off a ledge.  Others are all in your head.

What is the worst that could happen if you asked that girl for her number?  She says no?  Fuck it move on.  What is the worst your boss could do if you asked for a raise?  Say no?  Fuck it, find a new employer or start working for yourself.  Failing is part of the success model because you should analyze your failures and get a take away from it 100% of the time.

You’re a man, and when you take something on you should do it with all of your being.  No half-assing or cutting corners.  Think about a man that is indecisive, weak and fearful.  Bet that made you sick right?  Men and women alike detest an indecisive man.   Women always pass the choice of what to do off to the man.  They love it in all honesty.  A real man also respects the wants of another guy while not cucking his own wants and needs away.   I’ve had guys I truly respect offer me drugs or to get into some situation that I truly didn’t want to be in, and I just simply declined.  They respected my choice, and I theirs.

The key take always is to start living your live in this mode 24/7.  At first you’ll feel a bit weird, but I promise it comes to just be who you are at the end of the day.  When you truly put yourself first, you’re free of this world of judgement.


J. Nyx