I try not to preach to people I know about strength training.  If they want to know something I’ll tell them, but the number one thing I hear from guys is excuses.  Deciding to make yourself stronger is something I encourage all men to do, but dont be a whiny bitch about it.  Everyone has time to lift at minimum 3 times a week for an hour.  The key to lifting to me is efficiency and consistency.

Prepare Before

The less you have to do before going to workout the better.  If you lift early in the morning,  get your clothes out the night before.  Mix up your pre-workout and keep it in the fridge.  Make sure you know where your keys and wallet are.

If you lift later in the day, bring your gym clothes to work and go directly to the gym.  Chances are you won’t feel much like working out after getting home and getting changed.  Remember we’re trying to be as efficient as possible.

Follow A Program

There are hundreds of lifting programs out there.  I am not going to do a review or even tell you what one I use because it is up to the lifter to decide what he wants to do.  It doesn’t matter if you want to do bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just get generally stronger, having a plan is key.  Also, try out new ones from time to time.  Some work for you, some don’t but the best program is one that keeps you going to the gym.  If you are a 100% noob, start with Starting Strength, but I highly recommend going to a trainer for only one month to get your form on point.  I did that, and it helped immensely.

Log Your Progress

You’ll never progress if you don’t keep a log of your training.  Breaking PRs, and analyzing your progress not only keeps you on track, but shows you how far your hard work has brought you. On the low tech end, a notebook and pencil works great.  On the high tech end, use a lifting logging app.  I use JeFit which is available for iOS and Android.  I highly recommend it for its easy to use interface, preloaded routines, and analytics.

Get A Gym Buddy

While I don’t have concrete facts, its known that people who train with someone else you develop an obligation not to let them down.  I trained with my buddy for over a year and we motivated each other to get our asses up and to the gym.  One cool way to do it is attach money to it.  If you guys alternate who drives, you can save gas and wear and tear on your car.  Also, you have a built in spotter at all times and you can really shoot the shit with your guy friends when lifting together.

Home Gym Master Race

This is as great as it gets.  My decision to make my own gym at home was the best fitness decision I’ve ever made.  I can lift whenever I want, I control the music, no waiting for equipment and it just keeps growing.  I know this isn’t an option for everyone as you need a lot of space and a lot of money, but if you can I’d try it out.  You can do a ton of things with just a power rack, barbell, and plates.   Look to sites like craigslist for cheap plates.

Once again its all about efficiency and consistency.  Training has to become not an activity you do, but more like part of your day.  You get up, lift, shower, eat breakfast etc.  If you stick with it for long enough, it becomes just that.

-J. Nyx