No Limits Sign

Limits and doubts are traits men should not succumb to. I’ve recently picked up Charles Sledge’s book “The Primer” and there are some great things in there.  One of them is killing the doubts in yourself and ignoring societal limits.  Today I’ll explain this in detail.

Blame Yourself

Not making the money you think you deserve? Not getting the caliber of woman you want?  Being fat and weak? These are all things that you and only you can change.  No one is going to come knocking on your door and give you riches, bitches or gains.  These are things you’re going to have to want and dedicate time to.

A man that sets limits on his own success and happiness is living like a cuck.  You accept mediocrity and are destined to be a fucking loser your whole life.

Outsourcing Pain

Struggle, hard work, and failure are the keys to success.  If you don’t risk things and have skin in the game then you’ll end up with nothing.  In our society we too often outsource the pain or struggle that is so beneficial to our advancement.

An alpha man is confident in himself first that he can face any situation, even one that is scary and uncertain, and trusts in his own boldness to get him through to the other side.  Struggle is how you learn.  I’ve said to my own sons that anything I know how to do, I fucked up multiple times.  No one can teach you this, and you have to rely on your own ballsyness to get you there.

Never fixed a dishwasher?  Get online and learn how to do it.  Never had the balls to get a girls number?  Learn game and get out there and do it.  Never set foot in a gym because you’re too pussy?  Get the fuck in there.

In reality there are two types of people in this world.  People that want to experience life to the fullest, and people who are sheep and want everything done for them.  One is the masculine sense, the other feminine.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.

By ignoring limits and doing things on your own, you make yourself more confident, happier and feel more accomplished because you have proven yourself competent.  You have to do it for you though.  Lift because you dont want to be a weak manlet pussy.  Get your finances in order because you don’t want to rely on anyone but yourself.  You should want to be the shit.  Live like a king.

-J. Nyx