Trump is our president, PC culture is dying, there is a bill to have 50 state conceal carry permits, jobs are coming back to the US; what a time to be alive.  Truth be told, these things would have just been a logical progression had our country and culture not been invaded by socialist-feminist brainwashing.  As white men in the US the war against us is being won by us, but we’re not out of Dodge yet.

Man Up

For the first time in my lifetime, we can be men again.  We can shoot the shit with our friends.  We can comment on a woman’s looks.  We can enjoy being real guys without persecution.  The thing is, you have to do it.  You have to embrace and instill masculinity again because its been lost for so long.  You have to be a strong, confident leader and the playing field is finally somewhat even (its not but still).

We have a civic and national duty to restore masculinity to this pussified western culture.  They will bitch and complain but we’re all tired of it.  The age of the special snowflake is over and we’re smashing it to pieces.  Embrace tradition because it is almost a forgotten art.

Raise your sons to be masculine men.  When they’re young teens, you have a duty to teach them how to be men.  Talk to them about women, finances, honor, and respect.  Take them hunting with you.  If you have daughters, make sure that that you’re a man she can respect, because she’ll judge every man she meets on you, and based on the past 60+ years we see what becomes of women who don’t respect their father.   Be a role model to your children and show them what a functioning husband and wife look like.  Teach the the toxicity of leftism.

Your parents have failed you

Out of Time

The time to start living like a man is yesterday.  You should be owning your shit and being the best shitlord you can.  We still have an uphill battle because of how brainwashed and degenerate our culture is.  Some say that the west cant be saved, but I think we can do it if we try hard enough.

Start lifting, work on your game, become confident and like a rock (okay monolith) toward adversity.  Use the fucking balls you were born with because if we’re going to have any future its going to take every one of us to make it so.