In one month, everyone will be on the new years resolution train.  The gyms will be packed with people curling in the squat rack.  Liquor stores will have a fraction less sales.  People will be all on board with fad diets.  Before all that lunacy, I’m taking action today December 1st to change things in my life with the New Fears Resolution Challenge

The Plan

Facing your fears and setting goalsG are things people have a problem with.  We tend to want to stay true and keep doing the mundane bullshit we always do.  I myself am no different, thought I strive to do better every day.  My plan for the next month is to face things I’ve wanted to conquer, make myself smarter and stronger, and cut out negativity.  Here is my plan:


I’ve been on a bulk for a while now, and my numbers have gone up, but I gained a bit too much fat (22% body fat.)  In a month where most people gain weight, I want to lose it.   I’m ready to continue lifting heavy, but start cutting.  I am at 190lbs right now.  My TDEE is 3064 so in order to get down to the weight I believe I look best at (170) I need to eat 2145 calories daily to lose weight. Go here calculate your TDEE and what calories you need to eat to gain/lose weight and get on myfitnesspal to start tracking.  Tracking your food intake and macros are the only way to see results.

I’m still going to be lifting heavy too, but for the first time I’m going with a more aesthetic approach.  Power-Muscle-Burn is the plan I’m going to try while cutting.  I will be keeping my protein up while doing this and only having a a small caloric deficit to retain any gains I made while still progressing, even at a slower rate.


Not too much needs to be done here, but I want to challenge myself to talk to 10 new people a day.  Shouldn’t be too hard because I like talking to new people, but its great for upping your game.  Man, woman, young, old I dont care.  Im going to talk to more people than I ever had.

At this time I’m also letting go of some personal burdens.  I am one to try to be humble as much as possible, but this time around I want to focus on my past success.  It can be a great thing to motivate you toward even greater things.  Those living in the past have no future, but its important to realize what mindset you were in that got you where you are now.

I’m also going off with no filter anymore.  I truly don’t care what anyone thinks about my views and you shouldn’t either.  If you can say them to one person, you can say them to the world.


I want to be down 20 lbs by Feb 1st.  I want to also take a certification test to level up my career.  These things are not going to be fun, but damn it I will achieve them.  There will be roadblocks and failures along the way, but fuck all that.  One small failure isn’t enough to derail your whole plan.

Another goal I have is to limit my vices.  I’ll be eating close to 100% clean, cutting way back on alcohol, and giving up smoking altogether.  These things are holding me back and eventually I want to eliminate alcohol too.

I also want to learn a second language.  This month I’ll be focusing on learning Russian.  I took a basic Russian class in high school, but being fluent in multiple languages is something I’ve always wanted.  Also, I have Russian ancestry, so that makes it all the more personal. I’ll be using the free app DuoLingo to do this.

The Challenge

Pick something in each category.  Fitness, Mental/Social, and Goals and commit to it.  This shit isn’t going to be easy, but a month from now when things are just getting started for most, you ‘ll have some skin in the game already.

-J. Nyx