Recently I caught myself giving a fuck about someone’s opinion about me.  We’re all in this journey together, and everyone slips up from time to time.  I started thinking about why and how I let this happen, and how you must understand that in order to truly succeed in this world, you must not give a fuck about anyone but yourself.


I truly stopped giving a shit a long time ago.  I say what’s on my mind, I do what I want to, and don’t give in very easily.  Recently a person I am doing business with started making remarks about my character.  I wanted their money so at first I just let it fly (dont do this), but upon thinking about I decided to tell this prick that I work hard as fuck every day and delivered what I deemed to be everything I could and I stand by my work, couldn’t care less what he thinks about it because I let my work speak for itself.

Put in his place, he was stunned at first, then upon reviewing what I said, ultimately bent the knee and said sorry.  This guy makes 2x the amount of money that I do and doesn’t cave to people very often.  Now we get along great while everyone else fears him.


When you truly let go of any bitch boy inside you its a liberation.  You feel like you can conquer the world, and if you truly want that, you can.  Commanding a social situation is key to alpha male theory.  You don’t have to be the loudest in the room either, just the one who stands his ground, makes his needs known, and doesn’t drop the confidence levels.

Game everyone, be assertive, take what’s yours and start killing it in life.  Fuck all the PC bullshit and distractions.  You have to live for number one, because no one else is going to.


-J. Nyx