Everyone here knows how to use game to get a girl.  It really comes down to confidence, a few social cues, and the acceptance of the situation you’re in.  You could be on point 100% with your game, and still go home without a girl.  I think that game can and should be used in other aspects of your life.

Game 101

A quick refresher is that if frame is your social defense, game is the social offense. Frame is your baseline and code that you live by, where game is the tools you use to advance your will on a situation.  Having the balls to talk to a woman, telling someone off when they’ve wronged you, or even using body language and persuasion to get a contract signed are all versions of game.


Using game in your career can help you.  I wasn’t making enough money at my job.  I prepared a document that outlined why I was worth more, and on impulse went to my boss and stated that I needed more money because my skills are worth more than the company was paying, and I’d need to look elsewhere if I couldn’t have my monetary needs met (dread game).  Took two weeks but I got a 12k per year pay increase.  I was dressed well, clean cut, and was dominant while still having respect for my boss.  I happen to be in a field that the company depends on, so I knew I could get it if I tried.

If your boss gives you impossible situations or you think you’re worth more than have the balls to change it.  To be cliche, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Obviously the dating/PUA types are masters of game, but you should be gaming women everywhere.  I am married, but I game women all the time.  It establishes who is in control and that I live for my own needs/desires. If you can do it subtly enough, you can game coworkers, cashiers, even random people on the street. Your game can even work on establishing who is calling the shots in a group of guys.  Beta males will always bend the knee to a true alpha.

I’ve often learned that not fearing consequence can help in some ways.  Obviously you cant go on a tangent at your kids soccer game, but I’ve started to just say whatever the fuck I want in front of social groups.  Sometimes its met with shock and awe but if you don’t backpedal then 99% of the pussies in the world won’t do shit.


How can one game themselves?  I like to push myself into uncomfortable situations for myself to build mental and physical resilience.   Sometimes I wont feel like lifting or would rather veg out than work on my certifications but I tend to game myself into doing it.  When that hamster tries to justify laziness I smash it with cold hard facts.

Too tired to lift?  Guess you’re just being a pussy.

Too lazy to study?  Guess the other guys like money more.

Its key to keep yourself in check as well.  Using game as much as possible helps you in many ways.