I wrote about how a a man must lead in his relationship, but he must also be the leader of his family.  Despite what mainstream media, Hollywood, and the average cuck may say, a father is paramount toward a family’s prosperity.

We must dispel the image of the bumbling idiot father, who if not for his hot intelligent wife, wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.  This toxic view of the world has made people disregard role of fathers, and may have even caused some to become the description above.

The Roles

The man is the foremost point of the family.  He is the protector and provider.  He is the one who fixes problems when they arise, and the man who takes his family in directions that benefits them.  A cucked, absent, weak father deserves no respect, and will fail.

The woman is the care giver.  She knows how to soothe the children.  She knows how to please her man.  She is okay whipping up a home cooked meal, as well as taking a job.  She doesn’t sacrifice her family for her career or anything else.  A rare breed in the west, but still easy to find if you do your homework.

Sons need fathers period.  Women cannot teach a young boy how to be a man. There are certain things that a man must pass on to his sons.  How to live your life, interact with women and other men, finances, and a good work ethic.  Women want to raise boys as their own man pets, and it creates a man with serious issues most of the time.

Daughters need to respect their fathers.  A man cannot teach a girl how to be a woman, in the same way a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man.  Daughters must learn what kind of man she should look for, and her father must be that man.

The Consequences

A family that doesn’t respect their man is destined to fail.  Women who don’t respect their man look elsewhere, or make the guys life a living hell through divorce, adultery, or withholding sex from them.   If they have children, the boys grow up to to be a weak, pussified, limp wristed man and their daughters attention hungry sluts.

The man is an important root in the family.  He must be 100% masculine and dedicated toward being the best motherfucker he can be before he takes on that role.


-J. Nyx