Inspired by this post on The Gentleman’s Club I think it is time we’ve drawn a line in the sand as so far as what men need to do in this world .  Truthfully, we needed it a long time ago but there’s no time like the present.

The Awakening

Every day we must push to remove weakness from our ranks.  Weakness and the inability to own up to your obligations in life will not be tolerated.  As a man you are expected to do the heavy lifting, defend what’s yours, and do so without being a whiny faggot about it.

Being confident and stepping up for yourself is paramount as well.  No one respects a weak, effeminate, non-confrontational beta male. In order to make anything of yourself, you have to be doing things on your terms, and until you do this, you’ll be a slave to whoever you’re trying to live up to.  This will alienate some people, but if they truly have a problem with you making yourself better, they probably weren’t worth much anyway.

The Plan

Follow the steps in the link above and I guarantee you that you’ll feel better about your position in life.  If nothing else, it will show you that there is more to this world than chasing pussy, consumerism religion, and bullshit propaganda entertainment.

At the core you must be:

Lifting. No excuses here.

Talking to at least 5 new people a day.

Challenging yourself (physically, mentally, socially)

Not taking shit from anyone and keeping yourself in check according to your own standards.

For too long men have been neutered in our society and masculinity shunned in favor of some hippy, leftist, feminist bullshit.  Boys were raised by their single mothers and their fathers we’re either absent or beta cucks.  Even getting one friend to see the light is a win because we have a lot of work to do to fix our country and identity.  I want a guy I can trust next to me to do that.