Far too many guys seem to be constantly racing to find the next vagina to bang.  The beta mindset is that you will be rewarded with sex if you do whatever a woman wants.  This mindset is not just flawed, its downright wrong.  You should finally reach a point that the pull of the pussy doesn’t cloud your mind.

Red Pill 101

This is some legacy stuff but its good to bring it up.  If you put the pussy on a pedestal, you’re destined to never get it.  A guy I know puts whoever hes fucking as his number one thing in life.  He works a shitty job, has a shitty apartment, but puts countless hours into making sure he has some (ugly) bitch to fuck.  Hes a slave to it and its sad to see.

If this sounds anything similar to you, knock this shit off right away.  You need to focus on yourself.  Anyone who puts their happiness and life in the hands of another person will never actually achieve what they want.  Get your shit together,  be a confident alpha guy and you’ll get women.  Use game, keep your frame on point and it will happen.


At a certain age or mindset something happens.  You realize that endlessly chasing pussy is taxing, not really worth it, and a waste of time.  Listen, I’m not going all omega MGTOW type and swearing off poon.  I like any healthy guy love to fuck.  Every guy should, and every guy should make sure he gets to.  Whether that’s getting a respectable woman as a wife/mother of your kids, or being single and fucking girls here and there.  The difference is making it something on your terms that you control.

I recently spoke with another guy whose opinion I trust and he said the same to me.  To quote him “Its like yeah, the sex was great and all but I got shit to do.”  This is the mindset to have.

The blue pill mindset is to constantly look for the next girl to fuck to make you “feel better’ but its usually something that you need to fix yourself.

Getting past that and realizing that you there are bigger things in life than the constant pursuit of twat, it opens up a whole different way of thinking.


J. Nyx