This is a new feature on Becoming The Monolith.  All week we’re dedicated toward making ourselves stronger, smarter, and more financially independent, but hard work deserves a reward.  Each week, I’ll write a quick article about some of my favorite vices, and also do reviews on new things I try.  For week one, I had to go with bourbon.

America’s Spirit

Bourbon is America in a bottle.  Rough, tough, but authentic and bold. By law, bourbon must be produced in the US, made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn, aged in new charred oak barrels, distilled to no more than 160 proof, entered into the barrel for aging at no more than 125 proof, and finally Bottled (like other whiskeys) at 80 proof or more.  We take bourbon as serious as our gun laws here, don’t fuck with my bourbon.

Also I’ll note that the only flavor I want my bourbon to have is, well, bourbon flavor.  Fuck that cinnamon, honey, cherry shit.  Vodka needs flavor, bourbon does not.  Another thing is Jack Daniel’s, while a great whiskey, is technically a Kentucky straight whiskey, not bourbon.


When the whiskey ages in the charred oak barrels, it begins to take on the flavors and spices of the wood.  Bourbon can have any range of tastes from the light to the very strong and spicy. It has a strong spiced/earthy flavor upon taking a sip with firey, smokey finish.

When to Drink

Bourbon is the masculine drink in my opinion.  It pairs perfectly with cigars.  I’m not one to drink liquor while eating, but I’ve noticed that pork pairs well with bourbon.  I personally enjoy it neat, but I know people who like to mix it.  This is kind of “taboo” but whatever, better than a man drinking a fucking appletini.   I have slowly converted all my guy friends into liking bourbon.

BTM Vice Rating: 10/10

I may be biased but I truly love bourbon as a vice.  One of the few liquors I do enjoy anymore.  Watch yourself though, because it can bite you in the ass and leave you with a shitty hangover if you over do it.