Misery loves company, and progress in any form will cause people to resent you.  The moment you do better than other people is the first time they start to see you in a different light.  Real friends will be happy for you, but far too often your success is met with jealousy, anger, and resentment. You have to trim the fat sometimes.

Doing It For You

I know a guy who is a typical “nice guy.”  Does all this shit for some post wall chick hes trying to bang.  Bends over and takes it from his ex-baby mama.  The guy seems to be on the verge of tears one second and suicide the next.  I think I may be his only friend.  The thing is, this guy does not live for himself.  He lives to please other people and letting people have that much control over you will lead to disaster.  Its a confidence thing 99% of the time.  He doesn’t believe in himself to succeed so he never will.

You have to meet your own needs before anyone else.  You have to make sure you’re healthy, educated, motivated, and dedicated.  You have to steer your life in the direction you want to, because no one else will.  Once you get this, you’ll start understanding what it is to be free of the burdens that you think are important.  Then, something else happens.

The Butthurt

As you succeed in life (physically, career, status etc) there will be haters.  People, especially these days, don’t take losing and rejection very well.  Instead of accepting defeat or using it as motivation to make themselves better, they bitch and complain.  They see a successful man and start picking apart at him and his success.

A successful, confident man causes two things to happen to women and beta males.  In  a way there is resentment from both.  Women are used to men putting their twat on a pedestal, so when you have impenetrable frame and game them, they at first, are shocked and can’t understand why you’re not bowing at their feet.  Keep this up, and pass their shit tests, and you’re probably fucking her that night.

Beta males kind of have the same thing.  A successful man hurts their ego, because they’ve been told they’re fine the way they are being a fat, effeminate, basement dweller.  They come up with words for this guy (tool, douchebag, etc) to attempt to demean him.  Though secretly, that nerd wishes he was that guy, but hamsters his bullshit to make himself feel better.

Stick To The Plan

In the end, a man who knows he lives on his own terms doesn’t give a fuck about this. Do you really give a fuck if some butthurt neckbeard or some slut gives you shit?  You know that they are just envious of you and its funny as shit.

Not too long ago, I was what I now consider a beta male.  I hung out with other losers and we all would just have a beta male circle jerk talking about a bunch of bullshit and never “offending anyone.”  Once I took the red pill and started living for me, not giving a fuck, and putting my personality out there, they didn’t know how to take it.

I lost a good majority of my friends because I outgrew them, and one even told me “I just can’t relate to you anymore.”  I have a small group of real dudes that I hang out with now.  Definitely a quality over quantity thing.


-J. Nyx