I haven’t written about training in a while because I’ve been waiting until this day.  One year ago I finally got serious about lifting.  By serious, I mean I make time to do iteat to build muscle, and follow a training program.  I’ve upped my lifts significantly:

Starting Lifts:

Bench Press: 100lbs x 5

Overhead Press: 80lbs x 5

Squat: 160 x 5

Deadlift: 160 x 5

These are pitiful numbers but you have to start somewhere, I followed Starting Strength with some accessory work, followed by Greskull LP up until now.  One year later my lifts are

One Year Later:

Bench Press: 185 x 5

Overhead Press 130 x 5

Squat: 285 x 5

Deadlift 310 x 5

These aren’t great lifts, and my bench is still sub par, but its one hell of an increase for me.   Soon I’ll be entering the “intermediate” level of fitness and I couldn’t be more happy.

The reason I’m writing this article  is to remind you guys that it doesn’t really matter what program you use, how you get your protein/calories, or anything else but the key is to makes sure you actually get out there and lift.  

That said, I have a pretty good strength base, but I need to get stronger.  The method I’ve just started is Hepburn’s Method A.  It breaks down like this:

You do two of the main lifts each day you train.  You do 8 sets of 2 for power, then you do 3 sets of 7+ for “pump” .  Power sets are at 90% 1RM, and pump are 70% 1RM  Here is how I have it mapped out:

Bench 8×2

Squat 8×2

Bench 3×7+

Squat 3×7+

The next time you do this workout, you add one more rep to the last set, so it would be

Bench 7×2, 1×3

Squat 7×2, 1×3

Bench 2×7, 1×8+

Squat 2×7, 1×8+

You keep adding an additional set at the end until you’re doing 8×3 for power, 3×8+ for pump then add 5 lbs.  Its simple, hits you hard, and I love it. Use the same template for Deadlift and Overhead Press.

It is grueling getting that last set of 3 when progressing,  and I feel it the next day.  I feel muscles being worked that I have never before.  You run the program Monday, Tuesday, Rest, Thursday, Friday, Rest, Rest

I do like to do some accessory work too, so on the rest day, I’ll do: Biceps curls, French Press, Close Grip Bench Press, Pendlay Rows, Split Squats, etc.  Its really up to you, but I’m going for a “Powerbuilding” routine (Power Lifting + Bodybuilding)

As I said though, my number aren’t world class or even intermediate yet.  I love training and it is like a therapy session for me.  When I’m out there lifting, nothing else matters other than the iron.  I do some of my clearest thinking in between sets. Also, remember that the iron is my church, and there are more than just physical benefits to weight training.

“Were all gonna make it brah”Zyzz

-J. Nyx