Too many men answer this question incorrectly.  Do you slave away for an ungrateful employer?  Do you do things you truthfully dont want to do because your wife nags you?  Do you partake in activities you don’t want to because “everyone else is doing it?  You mus ask yourself who you’re living for, and what you’re going to do about it.

The Change

You have to change yourself first.  You must agree that you’re not going to take shit from anyone anymore.  Don’t be a punching bag, yes man, or bitch boy to anyone else.  Your needs come first.  You have to be a bad motherfucker first, then you can start living the way you want. Machiavelli said it best “He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.” That doesn’t just apply to commanding others too,  you have to command yourself.

Fuck Shame

You are living for you now.  People in our pussified society will react to this in a certain way, usually negative.  As we’ve seen with the Presidential election, when the adult-children of our society aren’t pat on the back and told that everything is the way they want, they freak out.  In our case, you telling someone like it is can make it awkward for you in certain social circles.  Don’t back pedal, don’t try to explain your position, just make your statements and move on.

When challenged, here is what you should do.  Tell your boss that you’re busting your ass and if he doesn’t agree or doesn’t think you’re worth it, then fuck them.  There are other jobs out there.  If you have some bitchy woman for a girlfriend and she is impossible, let her know and tell her shes full of shit.  Even better, read up on dread game.  Works every time.

So many men today live in a constant defensive state.  Having to get people to agree with them so it validates their “acceptance.”   Live offensively and put your entire personality out there 24/7.

Ask yourself when in any situation “Who am I doing this for?”  If the answer isn’t yourself first, then you’ve missed the point.  Even your children need you to be on your game for yourself first so you can provide for them.  Think about it.


J. Nyx