In order to get yours in life, you have to take it.  If you live a life of bullshit, sloth, and degeneracy, you wont amount to much.   I believe that you have to try to align with archetypical examples of who you’re trying to be like.  It isn’t so much fake it til you make it, but more of trying to emulate the qualities you want to have, and putting your own twist on them.


History has a way of repeating itself, and personal experiences are no different.  One can read accounts of Ancient Greeks, men of the Renaissance, or a Sargent in World War II and be able to understand their points of view, characteristics they possess, and their clever or strategic view of a situation.  You should be reading about great men in history, but it is more than just reading and absorbing the content, you have to apply it, and its exactly what the world needs right now.

Choose A Path

For too long masculinity and masculine traits were shunned and downright abhorred.  Generations of men in the west were told that the feelings they had were wrong, beneath those of women, and they should eradicate any sense of it from their lives.  Its time to tell them all to fuck off because the world is changing, and the pendulum is swinging back to our side.

We finally get the chance to stand up to this bullshit PC culture we were living in.  We get to say what’s on our minds.  Do you want to tell some bitch off, then do it.  Is someone being a dick to you for no reason? Call him out on it.  People these days wont even know what to do when you actually show some balls.

Do you think Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, or General Patton ever thought about offending someone?  These were real men, and while they may have acted in different ways, they all had to be men first, and a man lives on his own terms.

Getting your confidence, frame, and game on point helps this, but I feel that the inspiration to keep the flame going is by studying great men of the past.  You almost form an understanding of them that was most likely reserved for their closest ally.

Be the lovable asshole who is physically stronger, a master of social interaction, and a guy who puts his needs before anyone else, and fuck off if you don’t like it.


-J. Nyx