Things need to get back to normal now that the election is over.  I’m pleased with the results, but I’m done talking about it.  The biggest thing us men need to do now is focus on actually making America great.  We finally have a government that may not be perfect, but stands closest to our goals.  The next part is on you.

Red Pill Refresher

Taking the red pill is like weight training.  You need to understand the concepts yes, but its not something you do once and forget about.  First, you should be weight training. I’ve written many articles on where to start.  Next, you have to work on your frame. Your mental mindset going forward.  After that you need to focus on your finance/career.  I am a married guy, but social interaction with women has certain rules.  There are other resources on this stuff too.  Check out Return of Kings/r/TheRedPill, and Manosphere.com for more.

The New America

Things will never be like before I believe.  We are entering an age of neo-tribalism with a backbone in Nationalism.  Lets be real here.  Blacks tend to hang with blacks.  Whites with whites. Gays with gays etc.  The difference this time is that instead of fighting among each other, we need to unite under Nationalism.  There are tons of people out there who want anyone who even thinks conservatively to be eradicated.

I’m not saying we’re going to be some leftist, hippy love fest either.  I dont have to invite the blacks or gays over for dinner, but we need to be able to rely on each group to do their part to defend America, and pull their weight to fix all the problems we have.  I have no problem standing shoulder to shoulder with blacks, gays, men, women, old, young, home grown, LEGAL immigrants etc; all with AR-15s in hand ready to defend our home.  I have no problem working next to them to rebuild our country.  At the end of the day I respect our differences and don’t give a shit as long as you’re pulling your own weight, working hard, and giving back to OUR country.

The days of SJW hatred of the same country that enabled them to be retarded are coming to an end.  The radical socialist takeover of our county is over.  They will fight, but we are stronger.  Every day more countries are realizing that this globalist agenda is toxic and destroys nations, just as it is intended to do.

-J. Nyx