As you all know, the leftist SJW types are mentally ill.  They concoct a fantasy world in their head and when reality shatters this, they freak out like children.  They claim that their way of thinking is the only way and if you question it they attack you with strawman and ad hominem attacks.  The election results shattered this because this generation was raised to believe that having an opinion on something meant that everyone had to respect it.

The Uncuckening

It may be wishful thinking, but I believe the leftist SJW feminists are going to start eroding over time.  People are fed up with  having to provide “proof” that they arent (racist, sexist, etc) in order to be left alone.  The people who claim to be for “equality” don’t actually want equality.  Equality means everyone has equal chances, but any person that doesn’t fit their narrative (FUCKING WHITE MALES) deserves to be eradicated from the Earth.

These types though that Killary was entitled to be President because she supposedly has a vagina.  They are crying and rioting now because that is what children do when their preconceived fantasy world is shattered by harsh reality.

It would have happened even if Killary won.  Those muslim hordes would have loved to come in and “culturally enrich” the United States.  They’d be murdering gays, raping women, and forcing sharia law.  Do you think a fat, blue haired, demisexualtransfluidgenedered SJW would have a chance? Fuck no.

The Butthurt

They will cry, and bitch, and riot, but they have been defeated.  We dodged a serious bullet with Trump winning.  Other nationalist leaders are praising the Trump win.  Putin sent a letter to Trump the night he won to say that he’s willing to open communication between Russia and the US again.  The guy wasn’t elected for 24 hours before WWIII was dodged.

A strong masculine leader is what this country needs right now.  We’ve defeated the socialist, feminist man hating Clinton dynasty.  Trump has a huge ball of shit he has to clean up, but he has the chance to literally make America great again.  I’ll collect the salt from the liberal tears to preserve meat.  Thank you Mr. President!

This will be my last post about the election.  We won, and there is nothing any cucks can do about it anymore.