Tomorrow is the election day that defines our country for what seems like the next 100 years.  You can argue that point all you want, but if you value the US and Western civilization at all, your vote should be with Trump.

Our Last Chance

This is it.  As men, we have one shot at this to make things right, at least for a little while.  The cunt will destroy our country worse than Obama has.  Our borders will be flooded with foreign invaders, our rights and liberties will be stripped away.  White men will be enemy number one while feminist, antiwhite and socialist agendas are put into place.

More importantly, the next president will appoint 1-4 new supreme Court justices.  This will allow them to rewrite the Constitution as they see fit.  Goodbye America if this happens.

Fuck all your feelings, fuck the retheroic, if you want to live in a country anything like it was supposed to be like, you’ll get your ass out and vote Trump tomorrow.