When a person is “red pilled” they understand things for what they are.  They call people out on their bullshit.  They understand motive, social interaction, and the types of checks and balances we all do on a daily basis.  Red pilling gets you to improve upon yourself, helps you with women/social interaction, but one thing happened to me that I didn’t realize, it was that I no longer fear anything.

The Revelation

The world we live in has painted men, especially whites, as inadequate and is essentially working toward our eradication.  Our views, wants, and needs are suppressed in favor of feminism, socialism, and other races/nations.  You’re constantly barraged from a young age that you being born male and white makes you 100% evil and you should embrace everyone but yourself.   Countless times in school growing up learning about the slave trade for the 100th time, that awkwardness of how look at “evil white man” to a room full of kids was sickening.

I learned about the manosphere around 2013 and up until that point I kind of drank the kool-aid.  Then I started questioning the narrative around me and the blatant propaganda. I kept this all to myself, but started thinking about it more.  Then I started speaking about it with my closest friends.  It just kept building and building.  I kept seeing sad excuses for men succumbing to toxicity of the feminist/socialist brainwashing.  I was being told that I am evil, a barbarian, a ruthless killer, and that I’m on my own in the world.

Pitchforks and Torches

You want to see that?  Is that what I am?  Fine, you got it.  I don’t surpress my views anymore. I don’t bite  my tongue.  I put my needs out there before anyone and I don’t give a fuck anymore.  I won’t be the guy who says what he really means to his wife or friends but bitches out in the real world.  I walk around knowing that there are people who hate me.  People who blame me for things I’ve never done.  People who think that I shouldn’t exist.  They see my family with a good traditional woman, and my children as a threat to their degeneracy.  When a loser sees success it makes them feel like shit for their own shitty lives.  Fuck you, I don’t give a shit about any of it anymore.

I have lost all sense of fear when it comes to what I want/need.  Obviously, there is a time and place for all things.  I wouldn’t start a fight at a school assembly or on a tee ball field, but it is know that I do not take shit, and you should do the same.

Guys, stand up for yourself and you needs.  The most liberating feeling is when you can walk around chest out, head high, and fearless.  You project your masculinity in a way we haven’t in decades.  It feels right because its the way a man should feel.  We’ve been spoon fed this pussified bullshit for too long, and I’m not having it for myself, or my sons.   I am the barbarian, and you should fear me.