Roosh V on his Kingmaker Podcast recently posted a podcast that deals with the facets of Stoicism.  I have written about stoicism before, but one part of Roosh’s podcast hit me the hardest.  He says “If you’re not in control of your mind, then who is?”  He goes on to state that the stoics had a way of thinking that said a man who is bound by body, but free in soul is freer than a man bound in his mind, but free in his body.

You Must Control Yourself

That quote hit me because in any situation you’re in, the feelings or views on the said subject are under direct control of your own way of thinking.  If you’re having financial troubles, you can let it eat you alive, or you can find a way of using it as a catalyst toward either making more, or finding a way to live your life within your means.  I always try to stress to make yourself better every day, but that journey is worth more than the reward in almost every case.

Does your nagging wife cause you turmoil? It will if you let it.  Does your job make you miserable? It will if you let it.  Does failing at the gym make you feel like shit, once again it will if you let it. If your job is making you miserable because it doesn’t pay enough, or you have a dickhead boss that undermines you you can let it drive you insane or you can try to always be resilient and look at it differently.  This job may have shown you the field your in isn’t for you, and you can use your skill set elsewhere.  If you fail at the gym, don’t beat yourself up, tell yourself you need more sleep, more accessory work, or to eat more.  If your wife is driving you crazy, you need to not let her, and either move on or make it known that you’re not her slave.

Break Free

This is the cornerstone of stoicism.  The ability to keep yourself grounded and almost impermeable to external forces or situations.  It builds your character and your willpower.  You don’t let the problems you face consume you, instead you keep your game plan and deal with it.  Don’t complain, don’t bitch, don’t show anything, just handle what is in your means, and if it is truly a monumental task/burden realize that it it out of your control.

This simple change in the way of thought has helped me immensely.  You’ll begin to see how other men act like children and freak out over trivial things.  Things like sports, politics, vices, and entertainment can bind you too.  I’ve seen grown men almost get into fist fights over something as trivial as a football game. Who is controlling their minds?

It can be difficult to deal with the bullshit of the world, and I’ll tell you, you’re going to endure more hardship than good.  That said, we’ve changed the way of thinking. “This too shall pass” should be something you’re thinking about all he time.  Look at the hardship as a way to learn, and the victories as checkpoints of being on the right path.

-J. Nyx