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November 2016

Zero Fucks Given

Recently I caught myself giving a fuck about someone's opinion about me.  We're all in this journey together, and everyone slips up from time to time.  I started thinking about why and how I let this happen, and how you... Continue Reading →


Game Everyone

Everyone here knows how to use game to get a girl.  It really comes down to confidence, a few social cues, and the acceptance of the situation you're in.  You could be on point 100% with your game, and still... Continue Reading →

The Family is Yours

I wrote about how a a man must lead in his relationship, but he must also be the leader of his family.  Despite what mainstream media, Hollywood, and the average cuck may say, a father is paramount toward a family's prosperity. We... Continue Reading →

Kill The Degeneracy

    Inspired by this post on The Gentleman's Club I think it is time we've drawn a line in the sand as so far as what men need to do in this world .  Truthfully, we needed it a long... Continue Reading →

Quit Being A Slave To A Vagina

Far too many guys seem to be constantly racing to find the next vagina to bang.  The beta mindset is that you will be rewarded with sex if you do whatever a woman wants.  This mindset is not just flawed,... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Vices: Bourbon

This is a new feature on Becoming The Monolith.  All week we're dedicated toward making ourselves stronger, smarter, and more financially independent, but hard work deserves a reward.  Each week, I'll write a quick article about some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Leaving Them Behind

Misery loves company, and progress in any form will cause people to resent you.  The moment you do better than other people is the first time they start to see you in a different light.  Real friends will be happy... Continue Reading →

The Key to Weight Training

I haven't written about training in a while because I've been waiting until this day.  One year ago I finally got serious about lifting.  By serious, I mean I make time to do it, eat to build muscle, and follow a training program.... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Live For?

Too many men answer this question incorrectly.  Do you slave away for an ungrateful employer?  Do you do things you truthfully dont want to do because your wife nags you?  Do you partake in activities you don't want to because... Continue Reading →

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