The west has been in a choke hold by the globalist, leftist, socialist elites of the world since the end of World War II.  The seeds were planted long ago and it seemed that we were royally fucked, and who knows maybe we still are, but the elites are on the verge of either unleashing hell on Earth, or all of them will be round up and jailed.

Trumps Alpha Game

Trump either has a crystal ball, time machine, or hes just alpha as fuck. I’ll go with the latter.  Many people viewed him as stupid, brash, and “unfit” to be president.  Even if they fuck with the voting and he loses, hes turned shit on its head forever.  The corruption of the government and forced propaganda from the MSM have been exposed and will likely be put on blast regardless of who is the winner of the election.  I don’t see how Trump can lose now, but these people are going full retard against Trump. He didn’t do anything other than call them on their bullshit though.  They did it to themselves.

People Are Waking Up

One look to Germany or Sweden and you’ll see how toxic the leftist narrative is.   Enough is enough and I think that while it’s been painted as “racist”, nationalism is what the US needs right now.  The seeds of socialism were planted in the 40s, brought to life in the 60s, and reared into the Venus fly trap from hell in the 90s/00s.  Challenging this zeitgeist up until now has been difficult, because if you question it, you’re labeled every negative thing under the sun, especially if you’re a white man.  We have to fight back and not give a fuck about being PC anymore, because no one else gives a fuck about us.

Voter Fraud

All this negative press and the FBI opening up the investigation is great, but the ace up the sleeve in my opinion is the voter fraud.  The machines were proven to be switching votes, democrat voters being bussed in from other states, and dead people being registered to vote.  I think that Trump has it, but only if we can overcome the odds.  Pay attention to your vote on the screen and if you can use paper ballots.  The west depends on Trump winning, even if we’re to lose, we have to keep fighting until the end.


-J. Nyx