Once you’ve taken the red pill, a change happens inside you.  The Matrix analogies are perfect because you can’t go back to the beta male days you were once so blinded by.  When you face the atrocities, unfairness, and raw edge of the real world, you start to change.

Not Giving  A Fuck

I don’t mean this in a lazy,  procrastination way.  What I truly mean is that you start to live on your own terms and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about it.  Your speech, body language, and thoughts are all focused on numero uno, and people have a hard time with that.  Society just expects white men to bow down to our XX chromosome overlords and the hordes of outsiders they use for “protection.” When a guy these days stand up, says fuck you I’m not succumbing to your bullshit, and walks off they all lose their shit, even though the women want to fuck him.

I’ve noticed that in my life since I’ve started living for me, I’ve had many situations where the room fell silent when I said something, only to have everyone agree that what I was saying was right.

Kill Fear

Fear is a good thing when in the wilderness or in a fight.  It keeps you fighting for more and makes you more aware of whats coming at you.  Fear in social settings are for pussies.  You should not be afraid to voice your opinion if you really mean what you’re saying.  A real motherfucker will say what he thinks.  Every other group of males other than whites have been doing this for years and I’m fucking tired of us not being able to.

I’ve found that I’m better prepared for any situation when I truly don’t give a shit about anyone but myself and my family.  Far too often we must do things or act a certain way for people who don’t give a shit and just take advantage.  Fuck that nonsense right now.

Also, I want to express that I don’t advocate being a dick, but being alpha.  A true alpha male will be perceived as a dick by some, but its because he goes against the pussified grain that is the modern male.

-J. Nyx